Sitecom WLC-1000 Review & API endpoints

As mentioned in my post about using openhab & WLC-1000 I have a few sitecom WLC-1000 cameras, and would like to tell you the things I like, and don’t like, plus give you some usefull urls I found during my research on how to use them with openhab.

UPDATE 04-12-2017
After IOS11 the mobile app stopped working, they said it would be fixed but still no update, so if you only have an ios device, you can’t install the cam anymore for now.. I currently use memu to see the camera’s (pc android emulator), I will let you know when the app starts working again


I bought the cameras on ibood for a discount price of €41 each, (including shipping), normally they sell for around €70, which is really on the high side for this device.
I had a Philips b120n, they sell for around €50 on ebay, which I feel is a completer product.

What I like about the Sitecom WLC-1000

  • Pretty good video quality
    at 720p 30fps, you can check the quality of the picture in this video
  • Video Storage
    Comes with 8gb microsd, for local recording, and connects to google drive, for saving motion /audio detection recordings on your google drive
  • Setup is quite easy

The things I don’t like:

  • Nightvision & led
    Sitecom has chosen to add a blue led on top which is always on, and the nigt vision leds are visible too at night, It is a bit too bright to use as a baby camera, I did tape off the blue led, but I still find it a bit brighter in a dark room, compared to the B120N, I will add a picture of the camera brightness tonight.
  • Recording & Push notifications
    The cameras will only record when motion or sound is detected, if you have this feature on, and enable pushnotifications, you will receive a notification every minute when you are home, you can’t set a timeschedule for enabling motion detection. so you are forced to manually disable the notifications or motion detection in the app when at home (unless you are using a script like I mentioned in my previous post)
  • mobile app
    The mobile app feels incomplete, logging in with google account needs to be done every time you open the app, would’ve been nice if this only needed to be done once, or once every week..

For the price I paid, I’m defenitely not complaining, it’s a pretty good little device, although I would like to get some 1080p cams in the future for outside, (I really like the price and quality of the Amcrest Dome Camera) for now I will keep these indoors, and have them recording when away.

Some nice Urls you can use:

Rtsp stream, you can enter in vlc player, to see the stream directly on your pc:
rtsp://CAMERAIP/live0 (low quality video stream)
rtsp://CAMERAIP/live1 (high quality video stream)

Change settings through posting to the XML API:

For instance, to enable motion detection, post:

Disable motion detection:

Disable IR_LEDS:

Enable Auto switch IR_LEDS:

See accesspoints near your camera:

Get latest snapshot: