Shopify PostNL Pakjegemak pickup points

I was looking for an easy way to have customers select pickup points during checkout, but unfortunately there is no easy implementation. Sendcloud does offer postnl pickuplocations in shopify, but only after the payment process has finished will the customer get to see a map and select their pickup location. Which seems a bit odd to me, and counterintuitive.

I have created a shipping carrier service, which is currently awaiting review in which you can have the pickup points show up at shipping option selection:


test it out yourself on my demo store, shopify plus:


Basic shopify:


After some contact with the Shopify app review team, I decided to only list the PostNL label app in the App Store. Because Shopify only allows basic plans with a year payment plan or pro and plus plans to use the shipping carrier service.

I have an unlisted app for the pickup points. If you want to add pickup points and have at least:

shopify basic year payment plan

Or shopify pro

or Shopify plus


install the app here: