Eerste Timelapse met de olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark ii

Ik ben weer naar één van m’n favoriete locaties geweest om een timelapse te proberen met m’n nieuwe Olympus OM-D E-M10. Read More

Overstap van Nikon D3200 naar Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark ii

Het is een hele mond vol m’n nieuwe Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark ii 🙂
Ik heb deze camera onlangs aangeschaft omdat ik op zoek was naar iets lichters dan m’n Nikon D3200 met sigma 17-50 F2.8 & Nikon 55-200 VR Objectief. Read More

ESP8266 Software

For my sensor project I want the ESP8266 and The HC-SR04 Ultrasonic sensor to periodically collect and send data to my server. For easy configuration of the esp I took the ESPwebconfig software and stripped it to the essential parts that I needed. Read More

ESP8266 HC-SR04 PCB Version

By now I already have had a professional make the pcb design called vortexe9000 on fiverr, we discussed the design, I asked him to add a switch (pin 15 to gnd for easy flashing of the ESP) and he gave me some great advice to make it more compact (not needing the I2C and stepdown module). Read More

Opencart calculate shipping distance

UPDATE 30-09-2018

Some changes have been made by google, unfortunately I can’t support 200 stores to update the extension, so in order to keep using this extension you need to update to the latest version, or follow these steps to make it work again (this might be the quickest, also if you have a customized version):

Opencart 3.0 and up

step 1. open the file catalog\model\extension\shipping\zip_distance.php
step 2. find the getgoogleurl function, and replace it with:

The changes in this function are: replaced http url with https url, added api key to the query params

Save changes, and you are done!



step 1. open the file catalog\model\extension\shipping\zip_distance.php
step 2. find the getgoogleurl function, and replace it with:

The changes in this function are: replaced http url with https url, added api key to the query params

Save changes, and you are done!

Any Lower versions
The older versions don’t have the apikey yet in the backend, so you need to do it manually:

Find the getgoogleurl function and replace http with https and at the end of the query string add &key=YOURAPIKEY

I created an extension for opencart where you can calculate the distance based on the shippingaddress or the zipcode of the customer & your shop. Read More

Test Setup ESP2866 ESP-12 HC-SR04 on Batteries

I’m currently building a sensor based project, where a sensor needs to gather data every hour, and send it to a server, I first thought it would make sense to use an arduino board, connect a wifi shield and set the thing up. Read More


Poging tot sterrenfotografie bij een heldere maan nacht

Gisteren was het een mooie avond om sterren te fotograferen, het was bijna volle maan, en het leek me een goed idee om terug te keren naar de plek waar ik een week of 4 geleden niet het resultaat kreeg dat ik voor ogen had, de plompe toren in Haamstede (zie onderstaande foto) Read More

Simple DIY Product Photography

A friend asked me to try and make some nice product pictures for his website.
Since I mostly shoot landscapes, I thought I would like to try  a simple setup, to shoot product photography without any specialised equipment (except for an external flash and camera offcourse 🙂 ).

I wanted some reflection of the product, so I used my old Ipad as a glass plate to place the product on, you can use any other glass plate or tablet you have available.
I first tried flashing right on the bracelet (on a white table) which gave a lot of flash reflections in the product picture:


First try, not too bad, but not that great eather..

It could be worse, but I’m not super thrilled about the result. I need to bounce the flash, and place the flash inside a small space, to get a nice effect.

So for my “product photo studio” I used one of the cubes in my ikea kallax closet, you can use any space you have preferably with a white ceiling to bounce the flash off), or create a box with some white wood
As you can see in the picture below, my wall has a little blue-ish color, which I think adds to the end result.


Product Photography Setup

Result (unedited):


Bracelet On Ipad In Closet 🙂


Other Side

Different bracelet

Different bracelet


Secure your app API

The past month I tested 3 web / mobile applications on security, and 2 of them really had some big issues. They were medium sized business apps, I have sent them detailed reports, and they have fixed the issues. I won’t discuss any further details about them, I will however list the problems I found, so you can avoid having the same problems, and keep your customer data secure. Read More

Belkin Wemo plug & shellscript automated control

A client who uses paxton door access control for their gym wanted to have their TV switch on when a customer enters, and switch off after 1 hour. I bought a Belkin WeMo Switch and found a shellscript that can switch the wemo on and off (original script.) Read More