Gaining Root Access on Philips B120N Babycam


I wanted to try rooting my B120N cam, and tried to follow Paul Prices Owning Philips In.Sight IP Cameras But unfortunately Philips decided to close all interesting ports in the firmware version my cam was running.

I did find a way to gain root access, and I wanted to add a recording of the process, but I dropped my cam while resetting it, rendering it useless ūüôĀ So I can only give you the steps I took, to root it (I have ran the rooted cam for 14 days without problems) so you can try it yourself.

For this setup I used mitmproxy to capture the traffic from the B120N when it was freshly connected to my wifi network.

When opening the mobile application I immediately got a message to update my cams firmware, when I hit update I saw multiple requests passing through:
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HC-SR50 Motion sensor at 3.3v & whisper node low power

I recently found this tutorial to convert the HC-SR501 PIR Motion sensor, to allow it to run on 3.3V, so I thought I would give it a try, to use it with my whisper node, and make it count the amount of people passing the sensor, trying to make it run on a coincell battery.

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Using papertrail logging in Slim Framework v3 with MonoLog

I was looking for a good way to group logs from different webapplications into one managable place, without too much configuration work on the different webservers, since some run on shared hosting, and some have different setups.

I came across Paper Trail App A hosted log management tool, which gives you the ability to aggegrate logs from different places into one location, and here you can filter and group different webservers together, and search the log history.

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Use Onesignal Push notifications in Telerik Platform Project

Since Telerik only provides filters for pushmessaging starting at the $149 monthly subscription, I was looking for a good plugin to use in my cordova application.

I found the OneSignal plugin, it looks great, and has an API, so I can send pushmessages from my webserver. Read More


Telerik platform mobile development

I have been using Telerik Platform for some time now, I was quite happy when using the trial, but since I have taken a $39 monthly developer subscription to create my mobile applications, I have had some great¬†features gone missing ūüôĀ
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Simple database backup shellscript

I made a simple shellscript it will:

  • dump a few databases
  • create a tar.gz from them
  • scp a copy of the tar.gz to my backups folder on a¬†remote server, this way I will always have a backup of my most important databases on a remote location.

Just save it in a file, and add it to your cronjob (crontab -l) I run it every 4 hours, by adding this to my crontab:


Talk2 Whisper node CR2302 Battery Test

I’m currently testing batterylife with the whisper node and a CR2302 battery.

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git-ftp connecting but not uploading

I’m working on a small project for a client who uses a shared hosting environment. In order to use some sort of versioning, ¬†I setup¬†git-ftp¬†so I can work on my development server and push the changes with git-ftp to the shared hosting ennvironment. This way I will not need to do any manual file picking and uploading. After the first git-ftp¬†init command (where it will upload the complete folder) you can git-ftp push, so it will only push the changed files from the commits.


I had a¬†small hickup setting it up, the¬†git-ftp init would hang for 15 minutes and then display an error, so I ran it again with git-ftp init -v to see what was going on, turns out it connected but default¬†git-ftp tries to use epsv connection, which wasn’t supported, so it was just connecting showing connected, with last message TYPE A, and them ¬†waiting for a response and timing out after a set time.

in order to run in PASV¬†mode directly you can use git-ftp init –disable-epsv


Mailchimp Security – 3 tips to keep your mailinglists safe

Mailchimp is a great and versatile web application used by lots of websites, it’s easy and secure. But correct implementation by the developer is needed to keep your subscriber data safe, with so many users using Mailchimp, it’s imporant to correctly implement mailchimp security.
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Talk2 Whisper node & ESP8266 base station code

I have my basic whisper code ready and working, I used part of the talk2 library code from their bitbucket repository and changed it to my needs.
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