Shopify Postnl Labels app

The shopify PostNL Label Print app is approved and listed on the shopify app store


You can now print your postnl labels from within the shopify admin.

I’m working hard to add more features, if you have any feature requests just let me know.
Things I’m currently adding:
– List created shipments (to easily go to track & trace, and to download the pdf again)
– Shopify Advanced & Plus only feature: For shopify+ and shopify advanced users I created an unlisted app that let’s your customer select pickup points pakjegemak app
I’m currently working on linking this app with the labels app, so you can also create labels if a customer selected a pickup point.


Please note you need a postnl contract to get a production API Key


Shopify print PostNL Labels

Because most of the shopify apps that allow PostNL label printing are very large and complicated, with their own dashboard. I wanted to create an app to allow direct printing postnl shipping labels within the shopify admin.

I also added the ability to select multiple orders at once and create labels for them I’m expecting to get the app reviewed within the next week.


Maak Shipment & Label:

Pdf Label

You will need a postnl developer account to request a developer API key, once you have created some test shipments, you will be able to request a production API key (if you have a postnl contract)



DJI Spark Zeelandbrug shots

I took my Spark out for some nice shots during sunset, I really love this drone, it’s super small, and get’s some great footage

Zeelandbrug Zierikzee from Thomas Lang on Vimeo.

Shopify PostNL Pakjegemak pickup points

Are You looking for pickup points form your own stores? check out my other app:



I have added the pickup points to my PostNL app listed in the shopify app store

Shopify Advanced plans and up can use the pickup points option by default.
Shopify Basic & Standard plans need to have a yearly plan with shopify (in order to get access to the required API’s) the yearly plan does give you a 10% discount.




I was looking for an easy way to have customers select pickup points during checkout, but unfortunately there is no easy implementation. Sendcloud does offer postnl pickuplocations in shopify, but only after the payment process has finished will the customer get to see a map and select their pickup location. Which seems a bit odd to me, and counterintuitive.

I have created a shipping carrier service, which is currently awaiting review in which you can have the pickup points show up at shipping option selection:


test it out yourself on my demo store, shopify plus:


Basic shopify:


Shopify Related Products

I was looking for a way to control the related products shown below a product (for cross-selling) without using an external app, and came up with a very basic and easy to use template and collection solution.
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Fietsophangsysteem van stasdock en nieuwe sportbril

Ik heb de laatste maanden het fietsen weer wat serieuzer opgepakt, ik probeer iedere week een aantal keer te gaan fietsen, afstanden tussen de 10km en 60km.

Ik was al een tijdje op zoek naar een handig ophangsysteem voor een racefiets, en kwam het stasdock ophangsysteem tegen.
Een ideaal ophangsysteem voor je fiets. Ik heb zelf de deep silver stasdock

naast het ophangsysteem, heb ik ook nog een sportbril met verwisselbare lenzen gekocht, ik heb de zwarte genomen met focus lens en orange pure lens, deze is voor wisselvallige omstandigheden en bewolking, om extra goed zicht te krijgen.

Unit4 Multivers .netAPI

If you want to synchronize certain products from multivers with another (online) application, you can choose to use Unit4 Multivers .net API or the Unit4 multivers webAPI to make sure you are able to use them with your license, contact your accountmanager first.

I chose to use the .netapi because we didn’t want our multivers server to be directly connected to the internet with the web API. that’s why unit4 would post product update data to the webapplication, and load specific product data from the webapplication to update unit4 as well.

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Sitecom WLC-1000 Firmware Information

Unfortunately the company that created the iphone and android application has filed for bankruptcy, rendering the wlc-1000 cameras useless for checking your cameras on the road or recording to the cloud (recording on the sdcard should still work as far as I know).

A visitor asked me to share some of my findings for the sitecom firmware, because he wants to create an app to be able to use the cameras again, which sounds like a great idea!
It has been a while since I did the analysis, but I will try and share as much as I found, so anyone can try and setup a working application. With one side note, please share your projects, or setup a public repository, so other people can help / benefit from the code as well (and share it in the comments below).

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Leuke cadeausets

Als je op zoek bent naar leuke bad en douche cadeausets dan kan ik aanraden. Deze shop heb ik onlangs gemaakt, hier worden mooie merken aangeboden, douchegels, bodylotions etc..

Shopify Script, Buy Product from vendor X get Product Y for free

In shopify I was looking for a way to get a free product when buying from a specific vendor, I came up with below script.
In our case we also needed the vendor’s product to be at > $400 for the gift product to be free, you can offcourse remove that if statement.
Unfortunately you can’t add products to the cart with shopify scripts (yet?) so you can leave adding the product up to the customer, or add the product with javascript in the frontend.

You can remove the puts statements, I though I’d leave them so you can see how to debug something like this.