C# application for paxton door access


Paxton offers a product range including IP, wireless and battery powered access control solutions to provide reliable security for any site requirement.

We ordered one door access card reader & control unit, with it comes net2 software shipped, in wich you can manage users access cards (wich doors who can open and when, expiration date etc..)

I will use the access control for a gym, where members can open the front door with their personal (rfid) card, untill their membership expires.

There was no way to automatically re-activate the members card after they renewed their subscription online, but since the net2 software paxton develops has a net2 sdk available, I created a c# application that updates the user automatically.

In this case a simple console application would be enough, wich runs every 5 minutes, checking a directory for xml files.
If a member renews their subscription or a new member is created an xml is sent to the server where the application picks up the xml and updates / creates the user in the net2 database:


The xml files that are added in the xml directory look like this:

After the file has been parsed it will be moved to the archive folder, for later reference or checking.

  • jim

    hi have you an example of the xml file required for this?


    • thomasl

      Hi Jim,

      I use the users Emailaddress to update their expiration date, so my xml looks like this:

      <email>[email protected]</email>