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Shopify Postnl Labels app

The shopify PostNL Label Print app is approved and listed on the shopify app store   You can now print your postnl labels from within the shopify admin. I’m working hard to add more features, if you have… Read More

Shopify print PostNL Labels

Because most of the shopify apps that allow PostNL label printing are very large and complicated, with their own dashboard. I wanted to create an app to allow direct printing postnl shipping labels within the shopify admin. I… Read More

Shopify PostNL Pakjegemak pickup points

I was looking for an easy way to have customers select pickup points during checkout, but unfortunately there is no easy implementation. Sendcloud does offer postnl pickuplocations in shopify, but only after the payment process has finished will… Read More

Shopify Related Products

I was looking for a way to control the related products shown below a product (for cross-selling) without using an external app, and came up with a very basic and easy to use template and collection solution.

Unit4 Multivers .netAPI

If you want to synchronize certain products from multivers with another (online) application, you can choose to use Unit4 Multivers .net API or the Unit4 multivers webAPI to make sure you are able to use them with your license, contact… Read More

Sitecom WLC-1000 Firmware Information

Unfortunately the company that created the iphone and android application has filed for bankruptcy, rendering the wlc-1000 cameras useless for checking your cameras on the road or recording to the cloud (recording on the sdcard should still work… Read More

Shopify Script, Buy Product from vendor X get Product Y for free

In shopify I was looking for a way to get a free product when buying from a specific vendor, I came up with below script. In our case we also needed the vendor’s product to be at >… Read More

Large databreach, how to minimize online vulnerabilities, and improve responsetime

Last week I found a data breach in a large companies website, exposing over 2 million customer records (name, address, email, phone number) It’s always a though choice, do I call it in and risk getting sued, or… Read More

Push Notify Push notification API

  I created an api for sending Push notifications to mobile phones, I use the API in an opencart extension, to send new order information, and give clients the ability to receive order updates, but I figured it might be… Read More

Openhab hue motion sensor

I got the question how to use your hue motionsensor with openhab, so here are the steps you need to do: