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Custom Quickbooks – Shopify Interface

After updating an existing project in python (django) to synchronize products to shopify for one of my shopify plus clients, I was asked if I was interested in creating a new custom interface between Quickbooks and shopify / shipstation, the customer was… Read More

Setting up Laravel on digitalocean Lemp 18.04

Here are the basic steps needed to setup the laravel framework on a digitalocean lemp doplet. You need composer to be able to install laravel with composer:

You need to have zip/unzip commands, for composer to install the… Read More

Postnl Intergratie Shopify

PostNL Afhaalpunten in shopify weergeven was een vraag die we vaak gehoord hebben, daarom hebben we de optie toegevoegd aan onze shopify app PostNL Labels & Afhaalpunten Zo kan de klant als verzendoptie een afhaalpunt bij hun in… Read More

Shopify Product Inventory Information App

Our new app that let’s you display product inventory location information on your shopify frontend has been listed in the shopify app store if you have multiple locations setup in shopify, and want to display shopify product stock quantities… Read More

Show Lightspeed Inventory Information on shopify

With our new app to display inventory levels per shopify location on the frontend, we got a request to connect the shopify app with a lightspeed retail account .So that the customer could display inventory information from the lightpseed retail accounts,… Read More

Shopify Frontend Inventory Quantities per Location

A lot of merchants who need inventory levels displayed per location on the shopify frontend have reached out, and came up with great feature ideas to add to the inventory locations app which I’ve made so that you can display… Read More

Shopify Show Product Inventory Location Frontend

  If you want to show the shopify product inventory locations on the frontend, there is no real out of the box way, but I wanted to list the different product locations and inventory in shopify frontend for… Read More

Shopify automatic discount for product in cart

In shopify there is no out of the box way to add a discount code when a product get’s added to the cart. If you have a certain product that you want to add a discount for when it… Read More

Top 5 Shopify Apps voor NL Shops

Na aardig wat shopify shops gepubliceerd te hebben leek het me handig om eens een top 5  lijst te maken van shopify apps die ik het meest gebruik, misschien heb je er wat aan 🙂 1. Order Printer (Gratis) Met… Read More

Shopify Postnl Labels app

The shopify PostNL Label Print app is approved and listed on the shopify app store   You can now print your postnl labels from within the shopify admin. I’m working hard to add more features, if you have… Read More