Use Onesignal Push notifications in Telerik Platform Project

Since Telerik only provides filters for pushmessaging starting at the $149 monthly subscription, I was looking for a good plugin to use in my cordova application. I found the OneSignal plugin, it looks great, and has an API, so… Read More

Telerik platform mobile development

I have been using Telerik Platform for some time now, I was quite happy when using the trial, but since I have taken a $39 monthly developer subscription to create my mobile applications, I have had some great features… Read More

Simple database backup shellscript

I made a simple shellscript it will: dump a few databases create a tar.gz from them scp a copy of the tar.gz to my backups folder on a remote server, this way I will always have a backup of… Read More

Talk2 Whisper node CR2302 Battery Test

I’m currently testing batterylife with the whisper node and a CR2302 battery. For my project I will need the whisper node to send sensor data every hour (reading distance from a US100 Ultrasonic sensor). For testing purposes I… Read More

git-ftp connecting but not uploading

I’m working on a small project for a client who uses a shared hosting environment. In order to use some sort of versioning,  I setup git-ftp so I can work on my development server and push the changes with git-ftp… Read More

Mailchimp Security – 3 tips to keep your mailinglists safe

Mailchimp is a great and versatile web application used by lots of websites, it’s easy and secure. But correct implementation by the developer is needed to keep your subscriber data safe, with so many users using Mailchimp, it’s… Read More

Talk2 Whisper node & ESP8266 base station code

I have my basic whisper code ready and working, I used part of the talk2 library code from their bitbucket repository and changed it to my needs. It still needs some refactoring and tweaking battery saving functionality, for instance… Read More

Talk2 Whisper node first client server setup

The Talk2 whisper nodes are low powered boards based on the Atmel AVR ATMega328p microcontroller. This board can be powered with as little as 0.9V. You can even run it o a CR2032 battery for a long time with correct… Read More

Snelstart koppeling realiseren in C#

  Momenteel ben ik een koppeling aan het schrijven voor snelstart om automatisch orders te importeren die via een shop besteld worden, hierbij een klein voorbeeld om te laten zien hoe je een start met de snelstart koppeling kunt… Read More

Talk2 Whisper node, low power sensors

Today I received my Whisper nodes from, these devices are a lot more low powered compared to the esp8266, I will be testing these to see if I can get a similar working setup with less battery drain,… Read More